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Facts About Barramundi


Among our native Australian fishes, the barramundi has a national and international reputation as a splendid sporting fish with premium eating qualities. Stocks of the fish support important commercial fishing, tourist and aquaculture industries in Queensland. Because of its complex life cycle, the barramundi also holds considerable scientific interest.
While barramundi have long been regarded as a highly prized fisherman's catch, surprisingly little was known about its biology and exploitation in Queensland. The Department of Primary Industries in 1978 initiated research investigations to gather this information. Studies commenced in the north-east part of the State and in 1981 were extended westward into the Gulf of Carpentaria and south along most of the east coast.

Scientifically named Lates calcarifer, the barramundi belongs to the perch family of fishes, and indeed was once known as the giant perch. Several other species of Lates inhabit Africa, but the barramundi is the only representative in Australia. It is distantly related to the Australian bass and the yellowbelly perch - popular sports fish of more temperate, southern waterways.
Barramundi live in rivers and estuaries in tropical and subtropical countries - from southern China to the Persian Gulf and across the equator to northern Australia, where its range extends from the Ashburton River in central coastal Western Aust