Rasanya mungkin asik kalo bisa bikin sendiri lure yg kita inginkan dengan model dan warna yang sesuai dengan keinginan kita. Bahkan ada kebanggaan jika lure yang kita buat itu bisa menipu ikan. Mungkin ada diantara kita yang ingin membuat lure sendiri tapi tidak tahu bagaimana memulainya. Mari kita share di threat ini cara membuat lure.

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Semoga bermanfaat.

First of all i am using Balsa wood for this lure, but you can use many different types of wood instead. I like Balsa because its very easy to use, and after a few coats of dope it's a lot stronger than people would think. The methods i use in this way of building a lure might have to be slightly modified if you choose to use a harder wood, such as carving out the channels for the wire and bib with a chisel. If you rather use a harder wood it might end up being easier to use a different method of mounting the wire, like cutting a grove through the center of the lure body and epoxying in the wire. Ill make another step by step post for that method sometime in the future. You might have to experiment with bib shapes and the angle you set the bib at, depending on the action you want and how deep you want the lure to dive. Another thing with using Balsa wood or any other very high buoyancy wood, you might have to add some lead to take a bit of the buoyancy away so the lure can dive. And even if you want to mess around with the weight a bit more, you can try to make the lu